An interview with Vivian Fu

Vivian Fu is a San Francisco based artist, originally from Taiwan(Like us!). We reach out to Vivian after seeing her Instagram. Her works are more than just intimate and nostalgia but pushing the limits and shattering boundaries.She made a series of kawaii selfie with us and chat over her thoughts about Internet.

Tell us a little about who you are.
I’m Vivian Fu and I am a photographer based in California.

When did you start photography? Do you remember the first selfie you took?
I started taking pictures when I was in middle school and would borrow my dad’s digital camera and take pictures of my friends to post to livejournal or myspace. I don’t think I can recall the first selfie I ever took, but I do remember that I took pictures of myself with a polaroid IZONE camera when I was about eight years old.

You’ve mentioned that selfie is powerful, can you share more thoughts about it? Now that people are crazy all taking selfless, celebrities\bloggers..etc. How do you see “the selfie trend”?
Selfie might be a new and trending word, but people have been imaging themselves for a long long time. Taking selfies can be a personally fulfilling act, and I think that others may find comfort or empowerment from seeing another person’s selfie.

What is it like being an Asian American girl in 2015?
It’s chill

Tell us about your life in San Francisco. How does it feel like to live there?
San Francisco is beautiful and I love it, but it’s also an unaffordable city as a result of a lot of things.

What keeps you going?
Conversations with friends, good light, a good night’s sleep

What are you working on currently?
It’s been raining very hard in the Bay Area recetly, so I’m trying to re-do my website and (maybe?) put together a book.

Any future projects you want us to know about?
They’re secret!!

Get to know Vivian, visit her website :