Art Baby Girl, Grace Miceli

We run a editorial shoot and Interview with the web star Grace Miceli aka Art Baby Girl while we were in New York after our Launch Party and the art show “The Daydreamers”. Shot by Savanna Ruedy and styled by Savannah Louise.

JumpFromPaper x Grace_Grace-2

How did you first get into art?
I’ve been making art since I was a kid, my mom is a visual artist & my dad is a musician, I’ve been encouraged to create things since I was very young.

Tell us the story behind “ Art Baby” — how did everything begin? Is there any meaning behind the name? Why “baby”?
I wish I could remember exactly! I wanted a name for the gallery that wasn’t too serious, “baby” is a term of endearment, it’s something you call someone you really care about. It’s also a reference to youth-I’m interested in showcasing work by artists who are at the beginning stages of their careers.

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You had very unique taste\aesthetics when picking up artists, how do you find them and what do you look when finding artists to put on shows?
I’m interested in work that that is having a dialogue with current issues, whether that means work made by women dealing with abuse from the patriarchy or work that is investigating what it means to be young and black in such a violent time. I’m drawn to work that is conceptually strong and also moving visually, things that make you think but are also beautiful. I’m looking for artists who are very aware of what is going on around them-in real life and online.

What are the biggest challenges of putting a show?
There are so many steps to consider! From making sure you and the artist agree on how the work is displayed, making sure the space has a good flow, designing a cool flyer and making sure that people come and hear and talk about the show. It’s also super important to me that the artists I work with are proud of the show and how I’m showcasing their work.

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When is the first time you felt success as an curator? (Your shows are alway busy and attract a lot of attention) How did it shape your future?
“Girls At Night On The Internet” was the first show I curated on my own in NYC and when that show opened and so many people came and were writing about it I felt this overwhelming sense of discovery, like ok cool, this is what I’m supposed to be doing right now, it was really validating and made me want to continue to grow as a curator and push myself.

How do you feel about all those press attention?
It’s great to be able to share the art with so many people, that’s the best part, every time someone writes about one of my shows more people are being exposed to these young artists and what Art Baby is all about. But I’m also aware that the focus of the press can quickly change, but I’m going to keep doing what I believe in, regardless if people keep wanting to write about it.

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As an Internet phenomenon have you ever feel anxious by social medias?
Of course! Sometimes when I post something on Instagram (the only social media I actively use) and it doesn’t get as many likes as I thought it would I worry but then I’m good at reminding myself that while the internet is a super important tool it’s not everything.

What are you doing when you’re not working?
Well honestly I feel like I’m always working these days but when I can get away from it all I like to eat junk food with my friends & watch cartoons.

JumpFromPaper x Grace_Grace

What kind of music that you’ve been listen for past few weeks? Top three songs?
“Same Ol’ Mistakes” by Rhianna, “Whole Lotta Lovin” Travis Scott & “Summer Sixteen” by Drake

Can you give us a teaser as to what kind of stuff you have planned for next?
I’m really excited for the traveling exhibition that will be coming on the Alt Space tour in February & March-including 6 female visual artists in every city. I’m also super excited to open Art Baby Gallery as an IRL gallery in the early summer!