Brooklyn Editorial with Savannah Louise

We hit Brooklyn with our Instagram Muse Savannah Louise aka @savannahlands for a shoot with our SS16 collection, spent an afternoon walking around the compact streets of East Williamsburg. Apart of her illustration, Savannah just got into styling recently. She styled herself with some cutes\pinky outfits for the editorial. The whole editorial shot by photographer Kao Cheng Kai.

JumpFromPaper x Savanna-02

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m an artist and stylist and I live in Brooklyn.

Now that you’ve move to New York, what are your favorite things about here?
I get bored easily so I love that I am never bored here. There is always something going on or someone to meet or something new to learn.

Do you have a favorite book, film or art work, which inspires you?
There are too many to list. I am currently on a book binge, re- reading the diaries of Anaïs Nin

JumpFromPaper x Savanna-03

JumpFromPaper x Savanna-05

Your style icon?
I’m more inspired by feelings and aesthetics behind a look more than any specific person. My friends really inspire me.

How would you describe your style?
In everyday life I have a very minimal style but I usually like to throw in something ugly or interesting to keep it from being boring. As far as styling other people or photo shoots, I love experimenting with colors and fabrics

Can you tell us a few things that you’re currently into?
Fake nails haha

Anything you’re looking forward to this year?
Traveling !

JumpFromPaper x Savanna-06