Dark Fantasy by Tseng Yen Lan

JumpFromPaper x Yen Lan-02

As photography enthusiasts, we’ve always enjoying discover new talents. It has become a essential part that keep us going forward. This week, we represent you an rising talent- Tseng Yen Lan. Born 1993 in Taichung, Taiwan, YenLan is a self-taught photographer. Start the career at age 19 by documenting girls around her with an old camera in hand, Her photos shows the aesthetic of young women with abstract atmospheres.

Last month we teamed up YenLan and stylist Tob Yang did a special shooting together. Here is the result!

JumpFromPaper x Yen Lan-03

JumpFromPaper x Yen Lan-04

JumpFromPaper x Yen Lan-05

JumpFromPaper x Yen Lan-06

Model / Pip Lu
Styling/Tob Yang
Make up and hair / Heidi
special thanks:
JOY / Benny YS Lin
Get to know YenLan:http://tsengyenlan.com/