Get Sweaty with Hobbes Ginsberg

Hobbes Ginsberg, twenty one year-old, is a Los Angeles-based artist. She creates images that would challenge your thinking. We’ve been pretty much obsessed with her selfies and portraits ever since we found her instagram! Hobbes did a cute shooting for us a while ago and talked about her life in L.A. Let’s walk into the scene and get sweaty.

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JumpFromPaper x Hobbes Ginsberg-03

Hello Hobbes! can you introduce yourself a little?
hi !! i’m a photographer / filmmaker / artist / etc living in LA. i make vaguely surreal, brightly colored work about depression, anxiety, identity and transition

When do you start shooting\ creating art? What’s the initiated passion?
i’ve been making art for a long time. i’ve been making things digitally since i was like 14 maybe. i used to want to be a graphic designer or digital painter or something like that and i did that for a couple years before really getting into photography ! but i’ve always been a bit art-inclined

You did quite a lot of self-portraits, is there a particular reason? What are you trying to say from it?
i think it started as a way to experiment with my craft and try / practice new ways of taking photos but i quickly realized it was the most fulfilling way for me to express myself and be able to say something in my work, which i felt was lacking at the time. the self portraits became a way to then experiment with who i was as well and craft an identity through the pieces and put it all out there. i think its a stylized representation of who i am at the time

The shooting with JumpFromPaper is very unique! Can you share the ideas\inspiration behind it?
i had a lot of fun with this shoot ! the idea of tomboy aesthetics / dirty hands / being sweaty / etc has always been really interesting to me and i think is something i play with a lot in my own personal style. with this shoot specifically i was really interested in playing with the textures of the cement and metal contrasted with the really flat and cartoony feel of the bags. i also really wanted to showcase women being powerful and i always feel really powerful when i make something myself so i think it came a bit from that as well

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A typical day in L.A? As a young artist, How does it feel like to live here?
i don’t know if i really have a typical day ! there’s always something different going on. i don’t have a job right now so i usually wake up around 12:30pm and check my email / facebook / instagram and see whats new then eat some breakfast and do some work. up until recently that meant editing our film but that’s just finished so i’ve been taking a bit of a break this week. the weather has been amazing this week so usually every day i’ve been finding an excuse to take a bike ride for a bit and run some errands which is really nice and then work some more and watch a movie with chloe before bed

i think LA is growing on me a bit. i always say i don’t like it here and its still not exactly my style but there’s a lot of amazing people here and a lot of opportunities to do cool things in a creative field so i’m excited to see what happens. also it seems like everyone is moving to LA these days so i’m hoping it becomes the new it spot and i was just ahead of the curve

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Any exciting thing coming up? Share more about the short film you did with friends with us!
i just co-founded a new production company called Red Lighter Films ( with my girlfriend Chloe Feller ! we just released our first short film All-Encompassing and Everywhere ( that i mentioned before and we’re super excited to be sharing that with everyone ! we have a lot of cool stuff coming out in the next few months including a premiere of our next short directed by our friend Amanda Kang coming out just in time for halloween called Revenge of the Flower Gang !

this company is kind of my new big ongoing project so there’s going to be a lot of cool things happening with that coming soon and i’m super excited and proud of it. we put a lot of work into making this happen and we hope everyone enjoys what we’re doing !!

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