In Shoreditch with Jamz Supernova

24 year old from South East London, Jamz Supernova, is one of the leading and coming DJ’s in the UK. We got into her show last year, has been a big fan ever since. We love listening to her R&B mix loudly on Friday afternoon from BBC 1 i-player. Jamz’s show alway give us so much energy! We spent an afternoon together wondering around Shoreditch last time while we were in London, with photographer Ellie Smith who helped out to take some lovely photos.

Here are some snaps from that day with a small interview we did!

JumpFromPaper x  jamz Supernova-02

Hello! How are you? What have you been up to lately? You’ve been touring a lot right?
Hey, I’m great thank you!!! I did go on tour with Lionbabe & Seinabo Sey earlier this year which was super fun!! But lately it’s been all about launching my new show on BBC Radio 1Xtra.

You list “ Pioneer of a Future Sound” on your facebook page, where and how do you find the new sound?
I literally trawl Soundcloud for hours & I also have my go to favorite blogs!!

From your radio show, we get the impression that you’re deeply influenced by the 90s R&B right? Share your passion about it with us! Who are your favorite artists from the 90s? Do you think the “Future R&B “scene is still growing?

100% I think I am subconsciously as it was the music I grew up on!!! Face artists from the 90s would have to be Aaliyah, Brandy, Monica, Missy Elliott, 702, SWV & TLC. I definitely think the Future R&B scene is still growing, it’s in a very strong place where even Mainstream R&B is starting to borrow elements from it be it the remix packages and the producers they’re picking to work with!

JumpFromPaper x  jamz Supernova-03

What is the biggest challenge to put on a show? Do you have secret tricks to move the crowd?
I think the biggest challenge is finding the fine balance between playing what you want to play & what the audience wants to hear!! I wish I had a secret trick, but I think you simply have to have fun!! Energy is infectious so as long as your enjoying it the crowd will too!

Apart from music, what do you do? What is your day-to-day now?
I’m lucky in that everything I do is somehow linked to music, be it a listening day, making a mix, planning my radio show, booking artists or having meetings!

What keep you busy at the moment? Any exciting plan coming?
At the moment I’m planning my own new music night Jamz Supernova presents Future Bounce. Launching in January which I’m super excited about!