JumpFromPaper X Dana Boulos

We love Dana Boulos! Why? Because we are always inspired by the punky-gril spirit hidden in her work. We got her say yes to work together and partnered up with her to do a shooting in downtown L.A. Here are the photos and interview with Dana. Come check out her interpretations and work!


Hello Dana! Can you introduce yourself a little?
Hi ! I’m a photographer & artist based in LA.

How long have you been taking photos and what’s the initiated passion?
I’ve been taking photos ever since I could remember, but I started to take it seriously about 4 years ago after being asked by Petra Collins to join her all girl collective “The Ardorous”. I was one of the first original members.

Best thing happened so far of being a photographer? Any interesting story?
Having Agyness Deyn tell me she loves my work and looks at my tumblr was super surreal to be recognized by someone I had admired in the fashion industry for years.

What do you try to say from your work?
Honestly I don’t try to say anything, I’m obsessed with color and movement Creating an image that can inspire you is what I want to do. I want people to use their imagination and dream a little.


What did you think when you see JumpFromPaper at the first time?

You mentioned you want to shoot with JumpFromPaper in a bit of a High-end way, why? What’s the inspiration? Could you share the moodboard with us?
Yes I’ve seen your previous lookbooks they are super commercial, I wanted to turn this lookbook into more of a high end fashion editorial. For casting I wanted to find a model who wasnt just another pretty face but someone who was a true punk at heart. I met Allison our model on the street and scouted her for the shoot. Our stylist pulled some amazing pieces by a new designer Nancy Stella Soto (www.nancy-stella-soto.com) she makes some killer pieces.



Best thing about L.A? Share your secret places you like with us!
Only 30 min away from the beach. Point Dume is beautiful.

A typical day?
I wake up splash my face with rose water and i’m ready to start a new day.

Personal obsession recently?
French Impressionism books

All time favorite image?
This is a tricky question…I can’t seem to descide on one but if you follow my diary you’ll see my favorite images www.danaboulos.tumblr.com


Your role model and why?
My mom is my role model because she is the strongest person i know and is a true artist.

Where can people find you and your work?
You can find me here : www.danaboulos.com