JumpFromPaper x TEETH MGA by Naomi Wong

Born in England in 1995, Naomi Wong is a young photographer, zine maker, currently study Filmmaking at Kington University. She specialized in capturing girlhood. Dreamy, soft, nostalgia, her images make people reminds of that special someone. She did a editorial shoot with JumpFromPaper for TEETH MAG. Here Naomi talks to us about her work and future plans.

Hello Naomi! Tell us a bit about yourself…
Hi! I’m a photographer and filmmaking student based in London but originally from the North of England. I’ve been taking pictures for a few years now and shoot exclusively on film which only feels natural to me.

What inspired you to first pick up a camera?
After I found loads of old copies of National Geographic and arts magazines at school. I saw pictures by William Eggleston and Juergen Teller for the first time and realised photography can be so much more than just pretty looking pictures. I first picked up a disposable and took really bad pictures but it wasn’t until I started studying photography at college when I decided to take it more seriously.

JumpFromPaper x TEETH MGA by Naomi Wong-03

How would you describe your work?
Dreamy, personal and observant.

Your work has this dreamy aesthetic, what do you try to say with your photos?
I want people to get a certain feeling from my photos, maybe something nostalgic and personal. I want them to be reminded of something or someone.

You seem to focus more on photographing girls, is there any particular reason?
I love relationships between girls and the bonds we have with each other, its very powerful and unique. I really admire girls in general and photographing them is always fun, even with models it’s like we’re old friends hanging out. Donnika from the shoot was super cool to work with, she seems very strong and has a great presence in front of the camera.

JumpFromPaper x TEETH MGA by Naomi Wong-04

JumpFromPaper x TEETH MGA by Naomi Wong-05

Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration mainly from collecting images on Tumblr of photographers’ work, fashion editorials and films. Sometimes I’m really inspired by the person I’m photographing, they can really change my mood and ideas around.

Personal obsessions recently?
Drake, Bob’s Burgers which I watch with my friends all the time and this super cute cartoon called Bee and Puppycat on Youtube.

What else you got coming up/are you looking forward to?
I have an upcoming internship with one of my favourite production companies Warp Films and will be moving to the US in August for study abroad which I’m super excited about!

Where can people find your work?
My Tumblr and Instagram @naomiwongo

JumpFromPaper x TEETH MGA by Naomi Wong-06

JumpFromPaper x TEETH MGA by Naomi Wong-07

Photography:Naomi Wong
Styling:Caitlin Moriarty
Make Up:Fiona Loudon
Hair:Miho Emori
Model:Donnika @Lorde.Inc