Not that kind of girl, Ceilidh Joy

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Meet our favorite Brooklyn-based girl Ceilidh Joy aka @limixedhunny. If you haven’t follow her on Instargam, if you’re missing out a lot! She’s not that kind of sweet Instagram girl, we love her “just being me” attitude.

We hang out with her while we were in New York with photographer John Yuyi and did a shoot together. Our favorite IT girl, get to know her now!

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Tell us a little about yourself.
Ha! What’s there to say? I am a 21 year old living in New York City, I watch a little too much tv and stay on Reddit to be cool here. BUT I love fashion, modeling and acting! Basically, I like making people happy. I’m a people pleaser.

How would you describe your style?
Lately, comfort. I like leather detailing and sporty clothes. I recently was gifted some Guess x ASAP stuff so I’ll be wearing that. Really, vintage and designer mix. I’m the dirty kid in school that repeats outfits.

Best thing you’ve experienced lately?
In the past five minutes, a good snuggle from a cat. But I just was in my first pageant which was so nerve wracking but also really cool — for Miss Sake USA. I totally lost. I think when the judges asked what I would want to do in Japan first, I answered that I would want to shower. That might have killed me for the judges.

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Top 5 spot in New York City are….
1. Pies and Thighs (I just really love chicken biscuits, I’m the type who asks for extra butter, too).
2. MoMa, I fake out my student ID card all of the time. I have to relax.
3. Book Off! It’s a place in Japan that really rocks. Lots of cute books and magazines.
4. Up and Down is a fun club a lot of people go to. They host fun events and a lot of famous people love partying there. Always a good time if you have some cash to spend on some vodka and cranberry.
5. Beacons Closet. I am biased because I work there. It’s got really good vintage finds. And when you need to make rent, it’s there for you.

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Style icon is…

5 songs that you’ve been listening to?
1. FML by Kanye and The WEEKND
2. Couple Bands by Fetty Wap
3. How High by Peewee Longway (just. you gotta love him)
4. Anything by My Chemical Romance. I just have an issue being a die hard fan. Just old shit though.
5. Lil Wayne is my hero. He just literally doesn’t care. Not about fashion, not about instagram or Twitter. His flows always are good and ridiculous. Sorry 4 The Wait 2 gets my blood flowing every time. Especially the song Selsun Blue.

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Currently obsessions?
Looking at girls use makeup brushes while I struggle to wash my face HAHAHAHA. Like how the hell do you put on a fake eyelash? How do you glam a pimple? I feel like such a loser trying to copy it so I give up mostly.

What’s your daily routine?
I have none. What comes comes. Mostly trying to overwork myself or getting harassed to fill w9s. They’re so annoying OUF!

What are you most looking forward to in near future?
Honestly? My birthday is April 28th. I know birthdays aren’t special and always kinda disappointing but I have a good feeling about it. Just a weird hunch. I have a lot of shoots coming out and publicity coming my way which I am excited but also nervous for. YIKES.