PINK Collection:Behind the Scene

Have you ever had a girl crush on someone from the Internet? We did, when the first time we found Arvida from her tumblr. From her girlie point of view, the world seems prettier and dreamier. The PINK collection was actually inspired by her attitude and the way she looks. After emailing back and forth, we were lucky enough to had chance to work with her. We traveled to London, visit Arvida and the Gal space, did a shooting with her and our new favorite girl Maria Pizzeria. Here are the behind the scene we would like to share with you.






Side shot by Between your small listener at Gal

Specal thanks to the team :
E Arvida E Byström
Maria Pizzeriaa
Ching-Ann Tsai
Benny YS Lin
Wilma Stigson Lundin
Sharmaine Cox
Ansel Yen
Denelle Kay